Notes From The Field

NHCPS and Disque Foundation partner with Ronald McDonald House Families to Serve the Homeless One Blessing Bag at a Time

Notes From The Field l

Chicago is an expensive place to live. Low wages and a lack of affordable housing have made it a haven for homelessness. In 2009, over 93,000 people reported homelessness, and the numbers are continuing to increase. (source: Chicago Coalition for the Homeless)

Giving BagsThe Disque Foundation, in partnership with National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS), wanted to help lift the weight and stress off the homeless in the downtown Chicago area. The leadership team at NHCPS wasted no time in preparing a trip to make a change.


Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque, executive director of the Disque Foundation, has spent many years volunteering and speaking at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago (RMH). RMH Chicago is an organization aimed towards providing comfort to children and families with sick children. Their central mission, to care for families and children with complex medical needs by providing comfort, care and love, has become a central passion of the Disque Foundation.

The Leadership Team at NHCPS bagging goods for homelessness in Downtown Chicago

The Leadership Team at NHCPS bagging goods for homelessness in Downtown Chicago

The team and two families staying at RMH, spent an evening crafting over 40 “blessing bags”, filled with several necessities such as: toothpaste, non-perishable foods (crackers, jerky, cheeses), hand warmers, toothbrushes, socks and more. While aiding those in need, it allowed for the current residents of RMH to make an impact. Supplies came from personal purchases and donations.

“It was amazing to see families that are going through their own ordeals but were so willing to pitch in and help others.” -Andrew Howard, member of NHCPS leadership team

All were thankful for the opportunity to shed positive light on the community. They hope everyone found immense comfort from the blessing bags.

Blessing Card

Empowering Volunteers of Palatiw Fire to Save Lives The Disque Foundation Extends Training in the Philippines

Notes From The Field l

PhillippinesWhen Dr. Karl “Fritz” Disque, executive director of the Disque Foundation and practicing anesthesiologist, arrived at the Paltiw Fire volunteer station in the Pasig City community, he immediately recognized diligence and motivation he never expected to encounter. The volunteer firefighters, an exceptionally enthused team, were prepared to learn the much needed skills and knowledge to help shape their community into a safer, more equipped place. Dr. Disque arrived eager to implement the global mission of the Disque Foundation onto the Pasig City community: empowering others to save a life.

The spontaneous visit to Pasig City was due to Dr. Disques personal decision to extend his mission work in the Philippines. His original plan to only attend the MyEO social entrepreneurship summit became an opportunity to provide missionary work and training to the citizen’s of the Philippines. Prior to their Pasig City arrival, the Disque Foundation team knew they would be meeting a group of committed volunteer firefighters and were astonished at the amount of sacrifice each individual on the team forwent for the safety of their families, friends, and neighbors of the community.

This past summer, the heroic group was transformed from firemen heroes to enthusiastic learners, as Dr. Disque instructed each individual on ways to make their community even safer and healthier.

At the forefront of their firefighter training, Paltiw Fire lacked the appropriate and absolutely necessary tools in order to become properly equipped healthcare providers. The volunteers blew Dr. Disque off his feet as they excelled in their training after one day.

Dr. Disques lectures centered on teaching the volunteers everything they would need to know about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated external defibrillators, and first aid (CPR, AED, & First Aid). During the lectures, Dr. Disque and the students became very close. Volunteers shared stories of responding to emergency situation but feeling helpless in the moment due to a lack of knowledge. Volunteers remembers having to just send victims to nearby medical clinics where CPR and first aid were known.

Prior to the course, the firefighting volunteers were fire aid responders without the proper knowledge to save those in all emergencies, but after training they became heroes in their community with the abilities and knowledge to practice basic steps of CPR and first aid with certainty.

The lecture material and instruction taught were derived from National Health Care Provider Solution’s own CPR, AED & First Aid course, which adheres to the American Heart Association’s 2010 standards and guidelines. This all-encompassing course is intended to provide knowledge for any emergency for infants, children and adults. The Disque Foundation feels extremely grateful for NHCPS’s commitment to completely fund and support trips such as this one. Together, NHCPS and the Disque Foundation are able to teach inspiring individuals globally to help save lives through new medical technology and healthcare knowledge.

With a newfound ambition, empowering 1 million people to save a life by 2020, Dr. Disque and the rest of the team at the Disque Foundation are proud to have made a difference in the community of Pasig City. The Disque Foundation feels tremendously grateful for the opportunity to teach the volunteer firefighters of Palatiw Fire. The domino effect, when one individual teaches those around him or her and so on, can provide a massive impact and can lead to fewer deaths all over the world.

Disque Foundation partners with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to Save More Lives with CPR Training

Notes From The Field l
Pirwani volunteered at the event working closely with the sorority to help with the training.

Pirwani volunteered at the event working closely with the sorority to help with the training.


“Everyone there just seemed really eager to learn and apply their skills. They were very pumped about getting to practice the skills, and the instructors were extremely enthusiastic about CPR and empowering others,” Binish Pirwani, active team member of the Disque Foundation said about the “CPR Anytime” event in Chicago.

Prevention and Management of Hypertension: Saving Lives Through Life’s Simple 7™

Notes From The Field l

The American Heart Association is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The AHA now includes more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters working tirelessly to eliminate these diseases, fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies and provide lifesaving tools and information to save and improve lives.

Bridging the Healthcare Gap, Hernia Repair and Life Saving Training in Salcedo

Notes From The Field l

In the Western world, our medical management of a hernia is considered low-risk, and rather routine. In contrast, in the under-served city of Salcedo, located within the Dominican Republic, hernia repair is viewed as a complex undertaking. This is largely due to their limited medical resources and lack of proper training. Hernias range in symptoms depending on their severity, but may cause severe pain, bloating, swelling, and tenderness, and can worsen over time without treatment. If the bowel gets stuck in the hernia (incarcerated) and then gets so pinched that it loses its blood supply (strangulated), then the tissue can die and become necrotic – potentially leading to life-threatening sepsis or death.

Dr. Disque and Friend Family Health Center Go Red For Women this February

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Did you know, more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined? Heart disease, commonly thought of as a “man’s disease”, affects over 43 million living women today.  The number of women who die from heart disease each year (about 500,000) is staggeringly high.  This is because many women neglect prevention, ignore their symptoms and do not seek treatment before it’s too late.

Inspiring Nepal with CPR & First Aid Training

Notes From The Field l

Nepal CPR TrainingNepal is a truly amazing place. It is full of enlightenment and is an inspiration to everyone who journeys there.

The community surrounding Thames College in Kathmandu is currently in the process of setting up their first international American Heart Association training center in Kathmandu.   The Disque Foundation was honored to support the effort by providing CPR, AED, and First Aid training to inspire those who have so inspired to the world.